People working in the agricultural sector face the health and safety risks every day. Your farm is a multi-hazardous area. Good health and safety practice helps ensure your workers remain productive and your business is profitable.

You don't have to be a health and safety at work expert to develop a health and safety management system. You already have the expertise on your farm: you and your workers. However, you might need expert help in some cases.

WorkSafe NZ and ACC have created a Safer Farms programme to help you to manage the health and safety risks on the farm. Safer Farms is a focus area of new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Visit Safer Farms Website for practical guides, to learn about your legal responibilities, and to create your own Health and Safety Management System on the farm.

Make Your Safer Farm Plan

By demonstrating you take the health and safety of everyone on your farm seriously, you may also qualify for a Workplace Safety Discount on your annual ACC levy.

Clear signage is important to maintain efficient health and safety practice on farms. Gateplates & Signs Ltd provides you with the signs for tough outdoor environment. Our signs are UV, temperature and chemical resistant (will not fade from sunlight or corrode from water and salt), extremely visible even when dark, easy to attach to a post, gate or building.

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